About Us

The Difference Is In Our Results

Located in Albuquerque and founded by experienced professionals with a vision that lending could be done better, Elite Financial Mortgage has developed an excellent track record in mortgage and home equity lending.

The Difference Is In Our Service.

What makes us different from other New Mexico mortgage lenders is our focus on the customer – and on providing the best possible service. Not only do we make the entire lending process easier, faster and more efficient –with the help of the latest technology and processes in the industry – but we maintain the highest level of professionalism throughout the transaction.

The Difference Is In The Range Of Loan Programs We Offer.

Elite Financial Mortgage offers a broad range of loan programs to meet a variety of customers needs and financial situations.

Elite Financial Mortgage believes that every New Mexico consumer deserves to be considered as individuals, not as file numbers. Elite Financial Mortgage and its loan officers and processors are committed to being accessible, attentive and caring. Elite Financial Mortgage is dedicated to enabling New Mexico mortgage borrowers to buy the home of their choice, or to refinance, in order to maximize their finances with mortgage program most suited to their particular needs at the lowest rate possible.

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