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You may decide to refinance to accomplish a variety of goals, but for some basic reasons: To save money by getting a lower interest rate or to save money by using a tax-deductible loan (the refinance) to pay off non-tax-deductible debt.

People most commonly use a refinance loan to:

  • Convert a higher interest rate mortgage to a lower interest rate mortgage
  • Lower their cost of debt by converting non-tax-deductible debt, such as credit cards or car loans, to tax-deductible mortgage debt.
  • Convert an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate.
  • Consolidate a first and second mortgage into one lower-rate mortgage.
  • To get cash for family needs/expenses (tuition, medical expenses, etc.)
  • To reduce the term of their mortgage.

The key point to remember in all these instances is a refinanced mortgage offers you tax-deductible borrowing (consult with a tax professional). Is a refinance a smart move for you? To find out, contact us today. You’ll get an honest opinion on what’s most advantageous for you.

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