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FHA/VA/USDA Government Loans: We offer a wide variety of Government loans which include: All FHA/ USDA Government assisted loans, as well as VA loans, which are available to military borrowers who have been granted eligibility from the Veterans Administration. These are all great ways to get borrowers that don’t qualify for conventional loans 100% financing.

Jumbo Loans: Any loan over $750,000 is considered a Jumbo loan, Elite Financial Mortgage offers some of the best Jumbo financing in the state of New Mexico.  We understand these deals tend to be more complex and have a track record of being able to put these deals together.

80/15 Combo Loans are used whenever a borrower is coming in with a 5% down payment. These loans would consist of an 80% 1st Mortgage and a 15% 2nd Mortgage. The benefit of a 80/15 combo is to avoid PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). 80/10 combos are available as well.

NEW! AIO Equity Acceleration Flex Loan a great alternative to the normal 30 year amortized loan.  Loan acts as a line of credit giving the ability to pay any amount towards mortgage principal to reduce over all interest paid while at the same time give immediate access to equity when funds are needed.

Construction Financing: We have many different options available for new home construction financing depending on the borrower’s needs. Our most popular product is the One Time Close construction loan, which allows the borrower to simultaneously close on their construction loan and permanent loan at the same time. This allows the customer to pay closing cost only once as well as allows them to lock into an interest rate up to 360 days.

Refinances: We offer a wide variety of refinance programs for any situation.

  • Rate and Term refi’s with up to 30 year terms and as low as 10 year terms.
  • Cash out or Equity Loans based off the value of the borrower’s home.


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